Oops I Did it Again!

Kristin and Hollywood’s young starlettes have more in common than you thought!

Preventing pain is first on my list, not looking like a lady! (Emily Post would be so ashamed!)

I have always fancied myself a pop princess—at least in our house—but I never thought I’d pull a “Britney” or a “Lindsay” because of my arthritis. And I’m sheepishly keeping my eyes out for local paparazzi in case I keep making this mistake.

Oops I Did it Again!I have a love of fashion, but an inability to get out of my car with any tact or decorum.  Put plainly, I have a tendency to flash any bystanders (but don’t worry, unlike Britney, my love of fashion includes a love of underwear). It was brought to my attention on two fabulous nights—one when I was wearing a fantastic ruffled white skirt for Houston Fashion Week and the other when I was wearing a fitted steel colored dress to a friend’s wedding (the Fashion Police would have blacklisted me, my outfits be damned!). The common denominator? Short. Not short-short or “hoochie” short but short enough. And that added up to a challenge for arthritic hips, knees and ankles; one that never occurred to me until I was flashing my friends as I exited the car (sorry Jason!)

Rising up from the seat of my sedan just isn’t easy in a short skirt when also trying to twist around sore, stiff hips, tender knees or ankles and sore feet. Preventing pain is first on my list, not looking like a lady! (Emily Post would be so ashamed!)

So I guess I have two solutions to this problem: keep praying for that Lexus SUV I’ve been lusting after so I can step down from my car or just wear pants.


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