Coming soon to a smartphone near you: The Goal Machine.

I can't decide if technology is the coolest thing in the world or the scariest. My earliest memory of the Internet is when I was a little boy, mid-80's, and thinking to myself "web?? Are there, like, spiders involved?!"

Fortunately, the Internet is free of arachnids, but our phones and computers and everything else is equally as overwhelmingly as seeing a spider while showering. You know, when you're all naked and vulnerable, and notice a little guy wedged into the corner above. #ScaryShit
I digress. The reason I think tech is cool is because for every person out there dreaming up ways to sell us pants or allow us to sell our pants, there is someone out there building an easier way to manage our health or stay connected to a loved one. And, let's face it, we can all use a little bit more help managing our health and staying in touch with your Aunt Bessie.
The best way, in my humble opinion, for technology to assist in the health arena is in an invisible, or at least hardly noticeable way. Because when we don't feel well, we don't like to think about our health. And when we do feel well, we have better things to do at the moment than think about our health. So I'm a fan of the technology that lets us focus on the positive, and giving us the edge over whatever bullshit malady we have to deal with on any given Tuesday. Or in my case, arthritis any day of the week.
Which is why I am very excited about what's coming out soon! An app for our smartphones (Android and iPhone) that can make us feel better without being a hassle or a chore. A project that has been in development for nearly a year, with some of the brightest minds all working together. (At CreakyJoints, that's how we roll….) All of us want to feel better, and now technology can help us even more than it already has.
Coming soon to a smartphone near you: The Goal Machine. Get your phone chargers ready. (To kill any uninvited spiders…)
– Seth Ginsberg