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Huh?? Rheumatoid arthritis is NOT a serious disease anymore?

Arthritic Chick responds to someone who told her that rheumatoid arthritis is NOT a serious disease anymore. The logic behind the statement? Because people rarely wind up in wheelchairs anymore.

When the 3rd member of a budding marriage is autoimmune disease

When rheumatoid arthritis reared its ugly head on CJ Blogger Dan Malito’s honeymoon, he wondered what cursed life he had brought to his new wife—but then Dan realized with the right partner, you’ll find a way

After the OKC Bombing: Our reporter falls apart in a Canadian hotel room

In Part 2 of her series on the OKC bombing, CreakyJoints Blogger and former Oklahoma reporter Sandi Davis recalls life after the tragedy and writes about the post traumatic stress she lives with to this day

Navigating Arthritisland: Finding the way in unfamiliar & twisted territory

For writer JG Chayko, arthritis is like an erratic taxi driver taking you for a bumpy, sometimes terrifying, ride through a stupefying maze—but the good news is that along the way you can find the way to go

Osteoarthritis Soup: How injury triggers release of arthritis causing enzymes

Orthopedic Surgeon Kevin R. Stone, MD, a pioneer of advanced orthopedic surgical & rehabilitation techniques, on how meniscus injury may trigger release of osteoarthritis causing enzymes

Poet’s Corner (& Artists too) ~ Issue #29, Sports & Activities

Triathlete with two hip replacements, skiing with rheum issues, and walking to kick RA’s butt

Remembering the OKC bombing, and the baby with yellow socks

20 years ago CreakyJoints Blogger Sandi Davis was a working news reporter in Oklahoma City. She shares memories of the bombing that killed or injured hundreds, including children from a day care center

Rachelle’s Rules: How to be home alone with kiddo(s) when you’re sick

Arthritis or not, every parent will have a day when they’re home alone with their kiddo(s) and sick. Here are Rachelle’s—aka Spoonless Momma—Rules for taking care of children no matter how awful you feel

How to enjoy good news when one is chronically ill and too used to bad

For those living with pain and chronic illness who are used to dealing with negative events on a daily basis, it’s especially important to learn how to savor good news and moments – Dr. Laurie tells you how

RA, no child of her own, and wanting to be a mother: Lene’s story

In 1979, during the ‘dark ages’ of RA when much of the info was wrong, 17-year-old Lene Andersen decided not to have children. Then RA scuttled her plan to adopt. Lene reflects on never having a child of her own.