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The new big thing on CreakyJoints: Arthritis Power

When CJ Blogger Rachelle—aka Spoonless Momma—first heard about Arthritis Power, she knew she had to be a part of it. Find out what this new and totally free patient-led and patient-centered app can do for you

10 questions to ask your doctor when diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis

CJ Blogger Lene Andersen teamed up with a group of arthritis bloggers to think of ways to support people newly diagnosed with RA. Looking back, here are the questions they wish they had asked at diagnosis

The Barometer Dance: Waiting on a storm or tornado when you have arthritis

For those with arthritis, the continuous severe storms and tornadoes across the country bring sharp, sudden and breathtaking pains caused by the ups and downs of air pressure—what Sandi Davis calls ‘The Barometer Dance’

Let’s stop blaming ourselves: We didn’t cause our rheumatoid arthritis

CreakyJoints Blogger Kristin Anderson on how it’s not our fault that we have arthritis. It’s not from something we did—eating processed food, getting a vaccine, living with too much stress—so let’s stop blaming ourselves

Poet’s Corner (& Artists too) ~ Issue #30: Designing Treasures

Stones in Harmony, Isolation, and ‘Speaking of Spoons': The story behind a jewelry maker, a powerful pencil on paper, and the latest poem by Jonathan Hunter

For the young adult with RA dressing to impress: Christine Schwab’s Style Tips

Swollen feet, inflamed knees—young men and women with RA often have a harder time in dressing. Fashion expert and RA patient Christine Schwab on how you can still be stylish and pulled together for that job or school interview

Testify: CJ Blogger Kat Macfarlane tells Louisiana her RA story so it might help others

From keeping her RA to herself, to slowly unveiling her illness through her CreakyJoints blog, Kat Macfarlane finally goes all the way, telling her RA story on the radio and before LA legislators to help support patient safety

Getting back into an active life after total knee replacement

After your total knee replacement, Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Kevin Stone says if you exercise more than you have in years and work on muscle building and weight optimization, you can likely return to most sports

Chronically ill and can’t stop fretting? Here’s how to feel calmer and happier

Those with chronic illness need to stop dwelling on the negative—but how? CJ Health Psychologist Dr. Laurie on the small changes you can make to ‘install’ good experiences so you can shift your mood, and feel calmer and happier

No, you don’t have to ‘get it': You don’t have to live RA to show you care

Arthritic Chick questions a common refrain seen on online support groups when it comes to explaining the lack of sympathy for rheumatoid arthritis patients—”No one can understand unless they’ve been there”—and she’s calling BS