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God, rheumatoid arthritis—and one young woman’s enduring faith

When hard times first hit a 15 year old Julie Mills, she went to God. Now 21, Julie writes about her faith and how it influences each new trial, each new sharp and sudden turn in her life with rheumatoid arthritis

What’s ‘flare’ got to do with it? Why not call an attack an attack?

CreakyJoints Blogger Jonathan H on how words simply don’t do justice to describe the pain of rheumatoid arthritis—like calling the agonizing sudden worsening of symptoms a ‘flare’

From the vault of crazy people Dan Malito has met because of his disease

Dan Malito, who has battled RA since a boy, reaches into his “Vault of Crazy People I Met Because of My Disease” and brings you Sam, a guy who works behind the counter at his local CVS

Itchy and Scratchy and OH MY GOD the pain (Kristin’s Shingles Diary)

When CreakyJoints Blogger Kristin Anderson develops an unbelievably painful rash, she learns it’s not only older people who get shingles–those with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are at higher risk

So, what does someone with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis do all day?

From time to time a healthy friend or acquaintance who has no idea of the limitations that rheumatoid arthritis can put on a life, will ask Arthritic Chick what the heck she does all day. Here’s her reply

Finally saying it out loud: “I have rheumatoid arthritis”

Diagnosed a year ago, Julie Mills only told close family and friends via text that she had RA—then her eyes opened when she stood up and told a college class: I have rheumatoid arthritis, and this is what it is like

RA Thermo Freak: Sweats. Shivers. Way too hot. Way too cold.

For some, rheumatoid arthritis is not just pain, fatigue and depression—it’s also being a thermo freak. Jonathan H on how RA has messed with his thermo-regulation

Psoriasis in Living Color: Diane Talbert’s new blog on CreakyJoints

Routinely shunned as a child out of fear she was contagious, CreakyJoints newest blogger Diane Talbert grew up to help others with psoriatic disease know that they can come out fighting

JA SUPERHERO STYLE FOR TEENS with fashion expert Christine Schwab

Fashion reporter Christine Schwab, the founder of “Christine’s Kids” on Facebook who also battles RA, provides tips to keep teens stylish and feeling better in Part 2 of her blog series on fashion for JA kids

A woman with RA looks back on her tough decision not to have children

Sandi Davis looks back on the decision she made years ago not to have children after she had a genetic panel done. Does she regret her choice? Did the fears she had about a life without kids come true?

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