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The Big RA Reveal: Explaining rheumatoid arthritis to others (good luck)

Katherine Macfarlane on explaining her rheumatoid arthritis to others when most “don’t have an idea what the hell it is”– and how “The Big RA Reveal” can be a litmus test for figuring out who is worth keeping around

Chronically ill and feeling stuck in a bad life? There are ways to move on

Health psychologist Dr. Laurie on the different patterns of ‘stuckness’ that can make us feel that we’ll never get out of a dead end life, and how we can move on, even if with chronic illness

Pain in the neck (and back): From RA or stooping over a computer?

Leslie Rott writes about her neck and back problems and wonders if others with RA have similar pain issues and can offer advice

Got overlapping diseases? How one woman identifies which is what

Writer Sandi Davis, who has RA, ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Raynaud’s, and occasionally tests positive for lupus, identifies which disease or syndrome is acting up by their symptoms

College with RA: Managing school, work, health–and a 21st birthday

College student Julie Mills cries tears of RA frustration–but lets joy in to discover arthritic bodies can do incredible things

Back on his bike: Goodbye to teens shouting get out of the way old man

After hip replacement, Rick Phillips traded in his bicycle for a three-wheel lumber wagon — Rick shares some of the ‘tricycle’ barbs lobbed at him, and his joy that he can ride a two wheeler again

Divisions in the RA Community, Part II: Making Room for Us All

It doesn’t have to be high school all over again, with a pack of mean girls (or guys) chasing you down the hallway — Lene Andersen on how the online RA community can get along

What’s so funny about chronic illness? TalkingJoints, now on CreakyJoints

The new TalkingJoints storytelling series is Dan Malito’s wry humor at its finest, distilled down to 5-minute bite-sized portions. Having a bad day? Listen to an episode and things won’t seem so bad

Hibernate, try a little nose work to ease the winter of your discontent

Winter blahs got you down? Health psychologist Dr. Laurie suggests we do what the animals have been doing forever: Hibernate, rest, slow down — take a whiff

Wait, I’m Unvaccinated? A woman with RA learns she never had the MMR vaccine

A text from her mother forces Katherine Macfarlane to confront the harsh reality of her parents’ choice to forego her measles, mumps and rubella vaccine when she was a baby

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