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Smallville: A drug eases Dan Malito’s bad RA pain but deals a low blow to his male ego

While living with a chronic illness such as RA impacts both sexes, there are certain challenges faced by men. CJ Blogger Dan Malito on dealing with one particularly distressing side effect that hit him right in his ‘man-ness’

There’s no denying gender: It’s kinda strange being a man with rheumatoid arthritis

Women with RA outnumber men by as much as three to one. CJ Blogger Jonathan H shrugs off the imagined stigma of having a “women’s disease”—but there is no denying that gender plays a large role in how his disease plays out

Rick Phillips didn’t understand what hardships were until he was diagnosed with RA

An infusion leaves CreakyJoints Blogger Rick Phillips feeling fantastic and gives him a taste of life before rheumatoid arthritis: “During this brief respite, even the dog was tired of my newfound energy”

CJ House Photographer Lene Andersen: Moments of Spring, Toronto Islands Pictorial

A collection of spring photos by Creakyjoints House Photographer Lene Andersen, the health writer, RA advocate, wheelchair user and camera nut

A Date with Psoriatic Arthritis: 80% covered in psoriasis, and the man who did not run

CJ Blogger and psoriatic arthritis patient Diane Talbert was 80% covered in psoriasis when she first met her husband—but not only did this man not run, he helped Diane find her voice, speak up and fight the psoriasis stigma

The new big thing on CreakyJoints: Arthritis Power

When CJ Blogger Rachelle—aka Spoonless Momma—first heard about Arthritis Power, she knew she had to be a part of it. Find out what this new and totally free patient-led and patient-centered app can do for you

10 questions to ask your doctor when diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis

CJ Blogger Lene Andersen teamed up with a group of arthritis bloggers to think of ways to support people newly diagnosed with RA. Looking back, here are the questions they wish they had asked at diagnosis

The Barometer Dance: Waiting on a storm or tornado when you have arthritis

For those with arthritis, the continuous severe storms and tornadoes across the country bring sharp, sudden and breathtaking pains caused by the ups and downs of air pressure—what Sandi Davis calls ‘The Barometer Dance’

Let’s stop blaming ourselves: We didn’t cause our rheumatoid arthritis

CreakyJoints Blogger Kristin Anderson on how it’s not our fault that we have arthritis. It’s not from something we did—eating processed food, getting a vaccine, living with too much stress—so let’s stop blaming ourselves

Poet’s Corner (& Artists too) ~ Issue #30: Designing Treasures

Stones in Harmony, Isolation, and ‘Speaking of Spoons': The story behind a jewelry maker, a powerful pencil on paper, and the latest poem by Jonathan Hunter