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Doctor, Doctor: Did you really just say that? (Dan Malito with some doozies)

Before CJ Blogger Dan Malito undergoes surgery and adds another doctor to his repertoire, he recalls some of the doozies he’s had over a lifetime of RA

Where does it hurt? —A simple question makes an RA patient burst out laughing

CreakyJoints Blogger The Unexpected Advocate on why she can’t stop laughing whenever someone at her rheumatologist’s office asks: Where does it hurt?

Swan Necks: Lene Andersen considers ring splints for her RA-deformed fingers

CreakyJoints Blogger Lene Andersen looks to find out if the beautiful ring splints she’s been seeing in the arthritis community can help her RA fingers

RA Victory: Walking again, upright & confident, thanks to a summer of Pilates

CJ Blogger & RA Patient Kat Macfarlane on her summer of getting stronger through Pilates, and how it has given her the strength & confidence to walk farther & faster

Come Fly with Me: Arthritis air travel tips to make the going easier

CreakyJoints Blogger Christine Schwab, a rheumatoid arthritis patient and seasoned traveler, with ways to make air travel more RA and JA friendly

Poet’s Corner (& Artists too) ~ Issue #32: Dreams * Hope * Cure

In this issue, Dream, Hope and find out how you could be a very real part of helping to find a Cure for arthritis, one day

Does staying positive & cheery really help those living with chronic illness?

CJ Health psychologist Dr. Laurie looks at positive thinking and whether trying to stay cheery all the time is a good idea for those with chronic illness

RA Unexpected: Wife & husband both battling RA while raising young children

RA struck the Unexpected Advocate and then her young husband. She joins the CreakyJoints Blogger lineup to share her story to help others—and save her own sanity

Red Sky, Smoke & Wildfire: Notes from a chronically ill woman as Canada burns

After the chronically ill are advised to stay indoors because of the wildfires, CJ Blogger J.G. Chayko confronts the fragility of her rheumatoid arthritis

RA Story: When did my world get so small and my house become a prison?

After realizing her rheumatoid arthritis has made a prison of her own home, CJ Blogger Sandi Davis slowly fights to take back the life stolen from her