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To the medical assistant whose misinformed comment shattered one man’s ego: Real men get osteoporosis

CJ Blogger Rick Phillips, who battles RA, a disease that mostly strikes females, had his male ego further bruised when a medical assistant questioned why the doctor ordered a test saying, “Men don’t get osteoporosis”

Job hunting for the chronically ill is soul sucking—let’s help a young woman with RA & lupus find work!

When CJ Blogger Leslie Rott submitted a job hunt post, we asked her to include a resume so our community could help get this health advocate hired. It is harder for those with chronic illness to find work. Together, we can network!

After a procedure to relieve her pain makes it worse, Arthritic Chick is fobbed off & ignored by medical staff

Trying to explain that she is in much worse pain —in fact, crippling pain—after a procedure that was supposed to ease her pain, Arthritic Chick is stunned by the lack of care and interest from her doctor’s practice

For those living with chronic illness there’s no simple answer to “How are you?”

CreakyJoints Blogger Sandi Davis, who lives with RA, chronic fatigue, lupus and fibromyalgia, muses about being asked, “How are you?” and what “I am fine,” can really mean when one is chronically ill

Managing RA in the Wilderness: Don’t let the fear of flaring stop you from getting out under the stars

For years, CJ Blogger Jonathan H settled for car camping and cozy home weekends until depression started getting a foothold on his soul. Here’s how he got back into the wilderness and under the stars despite rheumatoid arthritis

Social Media & Chronic Illness: Should you post and tweet about how you’re really feeling?

CJ Health Psychologist Dr. Laurie considers the benefits and potential pitfalls of disclosing your chronic illness experience via posts and tweets—and provides tips on how best to use social media if you want to share yourself

New Featured Blog on CreakyJoints: You, Me, Sex, Love, and Arthur!

Kirsten Schultz joins the CreakyJoints Blogger lineup, where she will start a conversation about deserving love and pleasure—and feeling good about yourself and your body, despite the things that may be wrong

Googling medical symptoms? Looking for health info online? Dr. Ben Nowell tells you who you can trust

Unfortunately, fear mongering and marketing hype often drown out evidence-based health info on the internet. CJ Research Director Dr. Ben Nowell and Associate Nicole Schachman with some excellent and free resources

Secrets vs. Shouting: To tell or not to tell that you have juvenile arthritis

Kids’ advocate Christine Schwab, who kept her RA a secret for years, wants teens to know it’s okay to keep your JA a secret if it works for you—but one day she hopes you’ll join her in shouting it out to the world

Fear of Falling: An RA patient with inflammatory eye disease confronts the possibility of losing her vision

After falling down the steps in a dark movie theater, CJ Blogger Kat Macfarlane, plagued with worsening eye problems since diagnosed with RA as a child, writes about her failing vision and thinking she is losing her eyesight