• Seth

The Scleroderma National Patient Education Conference

Seth keynotes in Dallas, Texas at the Scleroderma Foundation’s annual educational meeting.

Medical bills suck. Worse than credit card bills.

Small victories for advocates eventually add up.

Seth returns from EULAR with promising news

Seth shares some insight from Germany

Putting the Global in Global Healthy Living

Seth heads to a global arthritis congress meeting in Berlin this week.

Summer Picnics and Arthritis

Seth isn’t worried about ants invading his picnic, but rather pain.

Step by Step: The Foot Saga Continues

Seth’s treatment has him feeling a bit “wiggity-wack.”

Advocating in Bismarck, North Dakota

Seth travels to the Great Plains, speaking with new patient advocate, Brenda K.

A Pain-free Wedding

Our co-founder and fearless arthritic Seth shares a special, life-altering announcement.

The Never-ending Foot Saga

Seth’s foot is injected with some cortisone.

Seth Prepares to Speak before the FDA

Seth presents to an FDA advisory committee on the anti-nerve growth factor drug class, which could relieve pain.

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