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After the OKC Bombing: Our reporter falls apart in a Canadian hotel room

In Part 2 of her series on the OKC bombing, CreakyJoints Blogger and former Oklahoma reporter Sandi Davis recalls life after the tragedy and writes about the post traumatic stress she lives with to this day

Remembering the OKC bombing, and the baby with yellow socks

20 years ago CreakyJoints Blogger Sandi Davis was a working news reporter in Oklahoma City. She shares memories of the bombing that killed or injured hundreds, including children from a day care center

There is pain, and there is PAIN: The Difference

From being beaten with hammers to firecrackers on her kneecaps, Sandi Davis tries to describe her pain from RA and fibro so someone who thinks pain is a bruised shin can get a picture of what PAIN feels like

Life after work: When chronic illness makes you quit a job you really love

In 2006, a doctor told Sandi Davis to quit her beloved job that very day, deal with her RA and other ailments—or she’d soon be dead. What was it like to suddenly stop working? First came relief. Then, freedom.

A woman with RA looks back on her tough decision not to have children

Sandi Davis looks back on the decision she made years ago not to have children after she had a genetic panel done. Does she regret her choice? Did the fears she had about a life without kids come true?

Got overlapping diseases? How one woman identifies which is what

Writer Sandi Davis, who has RA, ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Raynaud’s, and occasionally tests positive for lupus, identifies which disease or syndrome is acting up by their symptoms

Portrait of the writer with RA as a young woman

A friend sends Sandi Davis an old photo and she recalls the young woman receiving a scholarship award in an Oklahoma furniture store

Baby it’s too cold outside for arthritis

Brrr Winter: It’s cold, it’s windy and it makes Sandi Davis hurt

Chronic pain and suicide: Why one arthritis patient didn’t kill herself as planned

20 years ago while in an arthritic flare, Sandi Davis nearly killed herself – here’s why she didn’t and quietly celebrates this Christmas Eve anniversary

No stranger to side effects: Hoping the good in medicines outweighs the bad

While experiencing a side effect—feeling like her brain had been wrapped up in flannel—Sandi Davis riffs on the downside of medication