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Thanksgiving – Giving Thanks For What You Don’t Have

Dear Ms. Meniscus:  I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and can barely get through the day. My inlaws are pressing me to host a holiday saying all my husband’s sisters have children and work and since I don’t have children and don’t work (I was laid off) it’s the least I can do. I can’t bear the thought of having to cook and clean for all that company. Any suggestions for what to say without starting a fight with these people (I can’t stand it when they call me lazy). They Call Me Lazy   Dear They Call Me Lazy:   This is the easiest question I’ve gotten in months. The hard part is whether you have the gumption to do what you know you needs to be done, and do it in a way that will help your relatives clearly understand your situation when Thanksgiving is over.   But before we get started on your job in this family mess, this reminds me of the old joke about the son who gave his parents five dollars each for their anniversary. Irritated, their father said, “son I have something to tell you. You were born before your mother and I were married.”   “Do you know what that makes me?” the son said.   “Yes, and you’re a cheap one,” his father replied. (I told you it was an old joke.)   So here’s the set-up, Ms. Lazy. First you ask them to chip in for dinner. Not food, but hard cash. Everyone has to give at least $5. They know you don’t work, and you will tell them that you’re willing to be the host, but they have to help out. A few will give you money. Take it and thank them. You’ll need it for your drug co-pay. […]

Woman worried her sister with RA uses a phony photo and lies to people on online dating sites

What should the older sister do? Both CreakyJoints advice mavens Ms. Meniscus AND Mr. Meniscus answer and you can vote for the response you like best

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