• Leslie Rott
    Leslie Rott

Chronically ill, and struggling to find a new job and a place in life

When her beloved part-time position as a patient advocate doesn’t end in full-time work, Leslie Rott learns how a major life event, like having to find a new job, is especially hard if you are chronically ill

Pain in the neck (and back): From RA or stooping over a computer?

Leslie Rott writes about her neck and back problems and wonders if others with RA have similar pain issues and can offer advice

Staying on the right track with your RA: Helpful tips

Highlights from Joint Decisions Web Chat #4, featuring a health psychologist, rheumatologist, and rheumatology practice manager

When working in a hospital is dangerous

Leslie Rott on working in a hospital as a patient advocate in wake of the shooting of the cardiac surgeon at Brigham and Women’s

Reflections on a path not taken: Shoulda, coulda, woulda?

A little jealous as she watches cohorts from her PhD program take on teaching jobs, Leslie Rott considers her choice to become a patient advocate

New Year, big move–with hopes of avoiding a health crisis

Leslie Rott on why hunting for an apartment in New York City is not the best thing for someone with multiple chronic illnesses

Napping on the job: Wellness rooms at work and school

After a wellness room ‘saved’ her life, Leslie Rott has a few tweaks to make these resting spaces even better for the chronically ill.

When Student Health actually works…sort of…

When a referral mixup and a doctor who has to leave right at 5pm get Leslie really angry, she discovers her Student Health Center has her back

Joint Decisions Chat #3: Benefit From Your Benefits

Highlights of the Joint Decisions webinar on the types of insurance that people with RA have and how to make sure you get the coverage you need

Work-Life Balance With RA: Is There Such A Thing?

Exhausted by the working world, Leslie Rott wonders how others with chronic illness do it

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