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  • Lene Andersen
    Lene Andersen

Longing to see the world when pain and illness keep you close to home

Lene Andersen loved to travel—until pain and a body too wrecked from rheumatoid arthritis made it impossible. This is a blog about NOT travelling, about yearning for OUT, and coming to terms with life

Divisions in the RA Community, Part II: Making Room for Us All

It doesn’t have to be high school all over again, with a pack of mean girls (or guys) chasing you down the hallway — Lene Andersen on how the online RA community can get along

Division in the RA Community, Part I: Pressure to be Other

Lene Andersen interviews members of the online RA community on the division, disagreements — even bullying — under a seemingly cohesive surface

Celebrating a 2nd chance at life: 10 years since that first shot of a biologic

On January 7, 2005, Lene Andersen got her first injection of a biologic—she went home, took a nap, and woke up a different person.

Swooning from a hospital bed: Lene Andersen and her lifelong crush on Donny Osmond

The girl with juvenile arthritis who got through the bad days daydreaming of Donny grows up to shake his hand at a concert

Yes Lene, there is a (an accessible) Santa Claus: A parade pictorial

For the first time in 18 years, writer Lene Andersen—and all the other spectators in wheelchairs—had an entirely unimpeded view of the Toronto Santa Claus Parade

Eating out with food allergies

Lene Andersen on the do’s and don’ts for restaurant staff

7 Facets: A Meditation on Pain

In honor of Pain Awareness Month, author Lene Andersen’s first post about her short e-book on pain and what it’s like to live with it

My body ☺ My best friend

Lene on hating her body—until she realized it meant hating herself

The cost of chronic illness – the money

Lene on the financial hardships created simply by being sick

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