• Kristin Anderson
    Kristin Anderson

Kristin highlights her accomplishments of 2014 (this far)

From informing her docs and pharm of new insurance to walk/jogging several miles a week—even learning to love (then unlove) kale

Lock(Jaw) and Key

After years of agony, a jaw doc clears up Kristin’s headaches

Planning to run, not walk, the LA Marathon 5K

Taking the first step towards becoming Kristin 2.0 the race finisher

Ouch: battling shingles

Kristin sends a quick note to her readers that she will be back soon

Disease rushes in…

Kristin on her frightful summer without health insurance and meds.

It is National Invisible Illness Awareness Week!

30 things about Kristin’s invisible illness you may not know.

Kristin’s Comic-Con High

A geeky passion for superheroes, comics and sci-fi that she won’t let arthritis destroy.

What do you wake up to?

Kristin on starting her day with the right flip flops and Thor mug.

Let the surprises in

A Facebook status update brings Kristin messages of support and virtual hugs.

Stepping out of the shadows of illness and bravely asking for help

Help awaits us, sometimes from the most unexpected people