• Kristin Anderson
    Kristin Anderson

Thanks Nick Cannon: A celebrity leads the ‘Walk to End Lupus Now’ in LA

CreakyJoints blogger Kristin thanks Nick Cannon (in person) for publicly sharing his struggle with a difficult disease

Itchy and Scratchy and OH MY GOD! (Kristin’s Shingles Diary)

Kristin shares her painful experience to help those at increased risk of developing shingles: People with RA and/or lupus

Our plea for help

Kristin on depression, Robin Williams—and what does ‘asking for help’ really look like?

Birthday cancelled

A flaring Kristin just had a birthday—and it sucked

Let’s stop blaming ourselves

Kristin on why it’s not your fault that you have arthritis

“Today, I hit the wall”

A doctor orders diagnostic tests and Kristin reaches her breaking point

When it’s hot and you’re not

Kristin 2.0 on dealing with the summer heat, especially when you’re under the weather

You say “Tomato”, I say “Pomodoro”

Kristin touts a technique to manage your time while managing your arthritis

Kristin is bringing sexy back

See what she’s been wearing 24/7 for the past weeks

Kristin highlights her accomplishments of 2014 (this far)

From informing her docs and pharm of new insurance to walk/jogging several miles a week—even learning to love (then unlove) kale

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