• Dr. Kevin R. Stone
    Dr. Kevin R. Stone

How to have a good knee replacement: Tips from Dr. Stone

Are you due to have a total knee replacement? You can take steps to have the best outcome possible according to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kevin R. Stone. Here are tips for what to do, before, during and after surgery.

Curved Legs? Tissue replacement could help you avoid an osteotomy

Osteoarthritis of the knee can result in knock-knees or bowed legs, and is often treated with an osteotomy. Dr. Kevin R. Stone on how tissue replacement could help avoid this procedure

Dr. Kevin R. Stone: A simple approach to food is best

Many people are overwhelmed by the food choices and diet trends that make the news. Dr. Kevin R. Stone with advice on what should you eat

How informed are doctors on whether the medical products they use actually work?

Dr. Kevin R. Stone with a crowd-sourcing solution for making doctors well-informed about the medical devices and treatments they use

Don’t always believe the headlines. Advocate for your own health.

Dr. Kevin R. Stone with steps you can take to become your own best advocate

Missing a meniscus? Don’t give up on your knee

There’s still a chance your knee can be restored naturally—and Dr. Kevin R. Stone is NOT talking about an artificial knee replacement

How to reduce pain after surgery? Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kevin R. Stone says it starts before the first incision

Right before surgery talk to the patient about the Zen of it, inject local anesthetics, hold the patient’s hand during anesthesia, and more

Recipe for osteoarthritis: Living with a damaged or missing meniscus

Dr. Stone on the meniscus treatment that may help you avoid this fate

The role of stem cells in osteoarthritis treatment

Dr. Stone on stem cells therapies — hype or do they really work?

Osteoarthritis: 9 questions your doctor will ask you and 3 questions to ask your doctor

Dr. Stone with the questions that can better prepare you for your appointment

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