• Dr. Laurie
    Dr. Laurie

Savor and let the good things linger

Dr. Laurie on how savoring can lessen anxiety, make sleep easier, brighten mood, and improve daily living

Our own “spot of grace”

Dr. Laurie on connecting with what is deepest and most valuable within each of us

Self-compassion: NOT some psychobabble feel goody thing

Dr. Laurie on why it’s good to give yourself a hug

Can Namaste help your pain go away?

Dr. Laurie on how meditation can help with pain management

Agreeing to Disagree

Dr. Laurie on how speaking your mind can be good for your body

Staying in the moment, even if it feels scary

Dr. Laurie on how we can listen to our hopes instead of fears even during the worst of times

Afraid to get angry because it’s not nice to get mad?

Dr. Laurie on why it’s good to get angry – what’s bad is denying it, pushing it down, or trying to turn it into a fake agreeable smile

When the circumstances of chronic illness pull you into chaos

Dr. Laurie on how to bring daily ritual and routine back into your life

Want to stop ruminating? Imagine your mind is a house with floodwaters all around it

Dr. Laurie on watching past regret and recriminations flow by

Living with chronic illness is living with uncontrollable circumstances

Dr. Laurie on finding power in what you cannot control