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    Dr. Laurie

How much does positive thinking help?

Dr. Laurie on why we can’t be all ‘bright side’

How to make informed decisions about your RA treatment when you are tired, in pain, and overwhelmed

Dr. Laurie on how to avoid decision fatigue so you make your best choices

Best care takes more than a rheumatologist

Dr. Laurie on how you need a group, a combo, a troupe of folk—a team to help you build your health and life

‘Joint Decisions’ web chat series debut: Dr. Laurie talks with Matt Iseman, a comedian living with RA

Bring your questions and join the first ‘Joint Decisions’, September 23, 7pm EST

When the life you have is not the life you planned, or even wanted

Dr. Laurie on what helps us live with the realities of chronic illness

Can’t afford to take a vacation?

Dr. Laurie on getting the benefits of a getaway by relaxing in place

“New Life, No Instructions”

Dr. Laurie on Gail Caldwell’s new memoir that tells the story of finding a way through chronic pain

Sad and mad, tired and overwhelmed?

Dr. Laurie on doing your health a favor by unplugging from the constant barrage of bad and scary news

No big surprise: Health concerns most common reason for stress

Dr. Laurie with concrete and effective ways to manage your stress

Savor and let the good things linger

Dr. Laurie on how savoring can lessen anxiety, make sleep easier, brighten mood, and improve daily living