• Dr. Laurie
    Dr. Laurie


Dr. Laurie urges you to take time for yourself.

Food, Exercise, Environment … and Your Immune System

Dr. Laurie finds inspiration in an author’s battle against cancer.

Stroke of Insight

Dr. Laurie finds inspiration in a stroke victim’s tale of recovery.

Navigating the Dangers of American Medicine Today

Dr. Laurie shares a new book, chronicling a doctor’s own journey through the American medical system. And she has much, much to say.

To Work, Or Not To Work … and How?

Dr. Laurie shares a book tackling jobs and arthritis.

That’s What Friends Are For

Dr. Laurie explains how friendship may be the best medicine.

A Child with a Chronic Illness

Caring for a sick child? Dr. Laurie explains how to navigate the complicated terrain.

Not Disappointing Your Loved Ones

Dr. Laurie explains how to make plans — knowing that flares are unpredictable.

How to Talk About Your Chronic Illness

Dr. Laurie explains how to overcome fear or embarrassment — and tackle those situations in which we must share our diagnosis.


Dr. Laurie explains how denying our reality prevents us from finding happiness.

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