• Dr Ben Nowell
    Dr Ben Nowell

Research about pregnancy and arthritis medications

Part 1: Safety of Biologics with Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Protected health information (PHI) is YOUR information but it can be used to benefit everyone

Dr. Ben on what you need to know about PHI and research

Informed consent: What it is and why it matters in research

Dr. Ben on a hot sauce/Labrador experiment, and why human subjects have a right to know about the risks and benefits of a research study

This Generation’s New Deal, Doctors 2.0, and You

Dr. Ben on CreakyJoints patient-powered research and why it can be good to be a nerd

Arthritis patients tell researchers what they should study

Dr. Ben on patient-driven research and how you can tell researchers what to study, too

Dr. Ben on research and why you should care

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