• Daniel P. Malito
    Daniel P. Malito

Shoulder Replacement Part 3

Well here we are, mere weeks from my surgery, and I still have several steps to complete before going under the knife. When last I left you, I had scheduled a CT scan, MRI scan, and an appointment with my Rheumatologist, all on the same day, all for pre-surgery examination. To recap, my surgeon sent me for testing because he was unsure if I still had the required muscles to use a regular shoulder implant. I may have to get a special custom-made job. So, I packed up last week at 7 in the morning (ugh!) and made my way into Manhattan. The schedule I had made for the day’s activities spanned from an 8:30 CT scan appointment to a 1:30pm Rheumatologist appointment. By staring early, I was hoping that by some miracle I’d miss the rush-hour traffic leaving the city, and also keep to a minimum the already-exorbitant cost of parking in a garage in Manhattan. A good plan, but in actuality getting up at the crack of dawn was something I was not very good at. For some reason, even going to bed at 8pm the night before, getting up very early in the morning made my R.A. especially hard to deal with. Even so, I parked one block away to save a few dollars and hobbled my way to the H.S.S. entrance. The first test was the CT scan – by far, the day’s least annoying appointment. CT scans are easy compared to other tests of the same vein. You have to lie on the hard metal table, yes, but the scan takes less than five minutes, and the machine is nowhere near as anxiety provoking as a MRI unit. I was in and out in less than thirty minutes, and that gave me time to kill […]

And let there be light… tomorrow?

This week, with the occurrence of Hurricane Irene and the resulting chaos, Daniel takes a look at what he does to prepare for any interruption in his normal routine. With no electricity, it can be especially hard for those who are ill to exist, and it is smart to be ready. Dan tell us what he does to always be prepared, and how he does it.

Shoulder Replacement Part 2

X-Rays and the bad news…

Changing Priorities

This week, Daniel tells us about one of his recent fears, and how it has been affecting his life. He also describes how an event he attended this past weekend has begun to change his point of view, and made that fear start to recede. It is a fear many of us have had, and many more will have some day. See how Daniel is dealing with it, and hopefully learn a thing or two yourself.

Shoulder Replacement Part 1

Daniel readies himself for a grueling shoulder replacement surgery.

Getting back on the bike

This column, Daniel takes us through a recent discovery of his, and relates how it has affected his life in a positive way. Dan also reminds us how dangerous it can be to become stuck in our comfort zone, especially when chronically ill. The benefits of accomplishment are both physical and mental, and it pays to never forget to try.

Being Social with Rheumatoid Arthritis

This week, Dan takes a look at what being a guest with a disability can mean. When visiting with friends or acquaintances, there are many things that must be considered, and he takes us through a few. It can be tricky, but he helps to break down some of the concerns that those who are handicapped have when simply going to the beach.

Parenting with RA… dare I?

This week, Daniel touches up a subject that many individuals with chronic illness must wrestle with all the time. People who are ill have to decide if they can and should have children, and the risks and rewards of doing so. Dan goes over a few of the concerns that he has about his own future, and they are likely similar to anyone who is afflicted and wants to start a family.

Prolonging The Inevitable

This week, Daniel talks about something all of us dread — flare-ups. He gives us some insight into living with the possibility of a disease downturn always hanging over his head, and the stress that it causes. To find out just what having an impending flare is like, check this week’s column out.

The Continuing Adventures Of The Bionic Man

This week, Daniel talks about how he found out that another set of his joints are going to have to be replaced. The dislocation of his hip early last month brought another issue to light, and now he is facing the beginning of a long road to health. See how it all began in this week’s piece.

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