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  • Daniel P. Malito
    Daniel P. Malito

A groom-to-be with RA tries to keep calm and plan that wedding (HA!)

From picking coordinating napkin color schemes to creating a seating chart and deciding who gets to sit at the spillover table—Daniel Malito takes a humorous look at planning his wedding, homicidal impulses included

What’s so funny about chronic illness? TalkingJoints, now on CreakyJoints

The new TalkingJoints storytelling series is Dan Malito’s wry humor at its finest, distilled down to 5-minute bite-sized portions. Having a bad day? Listen to an episode and things won’t seem so bad

A secret weapon for coping with chronic illness and depression

For Dan Malito, chronic illness is a battle fought each and every day, with the mental component sometimes the hardest to overcome

Patient Analogy: Fear of toppling flying buttresses is like living with RA

Dan Malito gets ‘Gothic’ comparing flying buttresses collapsing from a simple shift in one stone to living with autoimmune illness

Pain patient Dan Malito tries to reason with a stupid guy on a diatribe against narcotic medications

Excerpt: For Dan, the most terrifying part of the conversation were the people listening to the guy and nodding their heads in agreement

Jerks: Those who make being disabled more difficult than it has to be

Daniel Malito encounters two total jerks after he falls and can’t get up

Arthritis pain in the neck? Sometimes you just need a new pillow

Dan Malito on one of the few things he can’t live without: His pillow

Halloween: When disabled kids can put on a mask and be like everyone else

Dan Malito, who has battled RA since he was a boy, reflects on the one day a year when no one could tell he was different

CreakyJoints: Feel a little bit less frightened, hurt a little less, know someone, somewhere, always has your back

Daniel Malito on what CreakyJoints means to him

How finding an RA medicine feels like participating in the cell phone race

Dan Malito on getting the latest, and greatest, most fantastic, best ever, most cutting edge iPhone 6—err—rheumatoid arthritis medicine of the day

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