• Arthritic Chick
    Arthritic Chick

After a procedure to relieve her pain makes it worse, Arthritic Chick is fobbed off & ignored by medical staff

Trying to explain that she is in much worse pain —in fact, crippling pain—after a procedure that was supposed to ease her pain, Arthritic Chick is stunned by the lack of care and interest from her doctor’s practice

‘Un-invisible’ Rheumatoid Arthritis: How the ‘little things’ that come with RA can add up to change you

Arthritic Chick looks at an old photo and sees how the big as well as the many ‘little things’ that come with RA—hair loss, weight gain,, chipped or broken teeth—added up to turn her into someone else

No, you don’t have to ‘get it': You don’t have to live RA to show you care

Arthritic Chick questions a common refrain seen on online support groups when it comes to explaining the lack of sympathy for rheumatoid arthritis patients—”No one can understand unless they’ve been there”—and she’s calling BS

Arthritic Chick to her CreakyJoints friends: “I fell apart in a huge way”

Feeling tired, very alone, and scared after a catastrophic chain reaction of a total collapse, CJ Blogger Arthritic Chick tells the CreakyJoints community she dearly loves that she is ready to write more

Huh?? Rheumatoid arthritis is NOT a serious disease anymore?

Arthritic Chick responds to someone who told her that rheumatoid arthritis is NOT a serious disease anymore. The logic behind the statement? Because people rarely wind up in wheelchairs anymore.

Not looking disabled, Arthritic Chick is attacked for using shopping trolley

Arthritic Chick breaks down and sobs—then writes a powerful blog—after a woman in a supermarket attacks her for not looking sick enough to use a shopping trolley (electronic shopping cart in America)

So, what does someone with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis do all day?

From time to time a healthy friend or acquaintance who has no idea of the limitations that rheumatoid arthritis can put on a life, will ask Arthritic Chick what the heck she does all day. Here’s her reply

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Some favorite myths, debunked

Arthritic Chick writes about RA myths in an informative article reviewed and revised by Dr. Jonathan Krant, MD, FACP, CreakyJoints’ Medical Director

What?! — A doctor dismisses Arthritic Chick’s need for narcotic pain meds

Arthritic Chick on the doctor who said her RA was under control and she should NOT be taking narcotic pain medications

Invisible diseases and the Christmas season. Why I love it and why I hate it

Arthritic Chick hosts a holiday, all good except for a few selected guests — like the Paleo nut who insisted she’d be healthier if she followed diet xxx