Recent Arthritis News

Injecting fat into the knees ‘eases osteoarthritis symptoms’

Injecting stomach fat into the knees of osteoarthritis sufferers reduced symptoms by 75pc in two thirds of cases, human trials have shown.

Scientists hope caterpillar fungus will fight arthritis pain

Scientists are studying the properties of a mushroom that grows on caterpillars to see if it can be used as a painkiller for people with arthritis.

Some Arthritis Meds Cost Seniors Thousands Annually

Arthritis medications known as biologic disease-modifying drugs can cost Medicare patients more than $2,700 in co-payments a year, a new report finds.

Effective RA Treatment without Drugs – Promise or Hype?

Is it possible to treat rheumatoid arthritis as effectively as a drug without the side effects and at a lower cost? SetPoint Medical thinks so.

More and more women are being left crippled by killer heels: New research proves high heels can lead to arthritis and worn out knees

Four years ago, a shopping trip was torture for Angela Kelly, 67. Though still a super-fit events organiser, the former over-50s All England badminton mixed doubles champion was reduced to hobbling at a snail’s pace, hanging onto her trolley for support.

Methotrexate Helps Save Large Joints in RA

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who received concomitant methotrexate with their tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitor were less likely to need a large joint replacement than if they were on anti-TNF treatment alone, a Japanese study found.

The Problem With Opioids for Chronic Pain

A recent report by the NIH suggests that when it comes to the treatment of chronic pain, the medical profession may be very much in violation of what can be regarded as the first medical ethic: “First do no harm.”

Despite Severe Arthritis, Pianist Gets Second Chance at Stardom

Some kids know from a very young age what they want to be when they grow up; Anthony Ferraro knew he wanted to be a concert pianist. That is, until early onset arthritis in his hands threw his entire career up in the air.

Research goal: Catch the interferons that cause lupus, one cell at a time

In the chronic disease lupus, the immune system runs amok to damage skin, joints, blood cells, kidneys, heart, brain or lung. This mistaken attack of inflammation is triggered by signaling proteins called interferons.

Opioid Misuse In Chronic Pain Patients Is Around 25%, New Study Shows

Various studies on problematic opioid use in chronic pain patients have been conducted over the years, but many of them have failed to clearly define misuse, abuse and addiction. One group of researchers believe they’ve uncovered an updated review of this topic with definitions of their own.