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Rheumatoid Arthritis Infusion Therapy: A New Hope

Hosted by CreakyJoints.org co-founder and person with arthritis, Seth Ginsberg, this upbeat DVD is used by physicians, nurses, patients, and care partners to educate and inspire.

"This DVD video is an essential component for any IV infusion site, in a physician's office, or in a hospital setting. Short of hands-on therapy, it is the best clinical aid I've encountered in my 32 years of practice."

-- Matthew Heller, MD, FACR
Peabody, Mass.

This DVD was made possible by a grant from Genentech, Inc. and Biogen Idec.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Infusion Therapy Brings New Hope


Would anyone care to enlighten me on Infusion Treatments mentioned by comedienne and Doctor, Iseman as seen on several TV programs lately, such as Home and Family yesterday? Would it be whatever medicine 'cocktail' one's doctor prescribes, or are there specific infusions that are showing excellent results in general for rheumatoid condition? I have a blood marker the labs labeled rheumatoid, and have had hip issues for five plus years and joint pains for 56 years; tom girl in a 'wuss' package. ; ) Hope to get the overall inflammation down; having to distance myself from my birth family as 60 plus years of scapegoating since ... age three has added to the immune weakness and serious symptom flareups. I am on the journey to be the best I can be with what my loving God is allowing in my life. Gluten is not my friend, had numerous treatments for yeast syndrome and desensitized numerous sensitivities and allergies of all kinds with www.naet.com physicians; am also looking into EFT with Dr. Mercola. (www.mercola.com, and was a most interesting authority on integrative subjects on Dr. Oz tv.) I would appreciate your feedback, creekyjoint friends. I have just joined a few minutes ago. Blessings, All. Thanks!