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daniel malito

Extorting the disabled

This week, Daniel tells us of his experience with a medical company who he discovered, much to his chagrin, wanted to charge him an exorbitant fee in order to provide a simple life-saving service. Unfortunately, Daniel has experienced this gouging of disabled and ill patients all too often, and it is far too commonplace for his comfort. Come join him to discover how this latest episode aims to extort him, and share your own experiences as well.

More Machine Than Man.

This week, Daniel tells us of how he found out he has to undergo yet another invasive surgical procedure. This time the joint replacement is needed more than ever, and with his last surgery ending in a heart attack, concerns abound. Or, at least, they should. Dan tells us just how much of a machine he is really becoming. Will it ever end for him?

Someone who mattered

This week, Daniel tells us of the loss of someone very close to him who helped shape Dan into the man he is today, and how the loss has affected him, as you will see. Daniel tells of how this person helped him to become the writer we all know and love, and what that relationship did to help achieve this goal. Enjoy this tribute to someone who has affected you, the reader, even if you didn't know it.

Sexscript: A Prescription For Sex

This week, Dan tells us of his exploits dealing with one of the most infrequently-talked-about subjects of chronic illness -- sex. We all have it, and we all have issues with it (and those of us who are ill especially so). Never afraid to speak on any subject, Dan gives us a smile and a nod while he gets his point across, confirming that you are not alone when dealing with your own bedroom issues.


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