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The Abuser

A bud of mine and I became good friends in college because he helped me through a really sad time. Now, however, he blows me off frequently at the last minute, always disrespects my wishes when it comes to hanging out, and seems to have more fun with new friends he's made ... who happen to socialize on a slightly higher level than his old friends ever could. What do I do? -- Pat in Purchase

The Indecisive One

I fully expect that when we graduate high school, many of us friends will grow apart -- and that's OK. I have this friend, though, that bugged me, bugged me, bugged me to keep in touch and not let things change. I've tried several times, but haven't heard a peep ... except when she contacts me every few months complaining about how we're growing apart. How do I stop this? -- Lucy in Logansport


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