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new year's

2011 is dead, long live 2012!

In this first post of 2012, Daniel recaps all the ups and downs of 2011, and how they have affected his life. Those of you that joined him on the journey last year will recognize many of the events he talks about, and those of you new to his column will find it a great recap before he dives into 2012 full-force. This upcoming year promises to be just as interesting as the year that just ended, so stay tuned!


Sometimes remembering your accomplishments over faults can be difficult, but it's important to note them in order to not let the negative memories outweigh the good.

The Dreaded New Year’s Resolutions

In his first piece of the New Year, Dan takes a look at those wonderful and scary white lies we call New Year's Resolutions. Many of us pile exaggeration on top of our un-obtained goals and we end up with three or four promises made on New Year's Eve that we know will never happen, even as we are telling them to our friends and family. Well, this year, he has a suggestion that should allow everyone to accomplish their New Year's Goals.
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