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ms. meniscus

The Indecisive One

I fully expect that when we graduate high school, many of us friends will grow apart -- and that's OK. I have this friend, though, that bugged me, bugged me, bugged me to keep in touch and not let things change. I've tried several times, but haven't heard a peep ... except when she contacts me every few months complaining about how we're growing apart. How do I stop this? -- Lucy in Logansport

The Yucky Medicine

We have to give our dog liquid Benadryl to curb his reverse sneezing episodes, but he hates taking it and fights us. I'm worried we'll hurt him. Is there any other way? -- Becky in Bakersfield

The French Boyfriend

My boyfriend had to return to France, where's he from (we met while he studied here in America). I miss him terribly and can't stop thinking about him. The distance and uncertainty are hurting our relationship. I'm scared I might lose him. I feel lost most days. What should I do? -- Annoyed Adam

The Mourning Daughter

My mum passed away about a year ago. She was such a joy, always the life of the party. So much has felt empty since that time, and I oftentimes find myself lost in remembrance, in sorrow. Friends have said I need to move on, but I don't even know in which direction to point my compass. -- Callie in Cardiff


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