Show 66 – ACR 2008: Seth chats with doctors from Canada and Mexico

Seth chats with Dr. Shikha Mittoo and Dr. Carol A. Hitchon of Canada’s University of Manitoba, and Dr. Daniel Xibillé… Read More »

Show 65 – Seth Heads Down Under to Chat with Arthritis Australia

While visiting Australia, Seth had a chat with Arthritis Australia CEO Ainslie Cahill — learning about the arthritis community Down… Read More »

Show 64 – ACR 2008: Seth chats with doctors from Sweden, the UK and California

Seth chats with Dr. Carl Turesson of Sweden’s Malmö University Hospital, Dr. Nagui Gendi of the United Kingdom’s Basildon Hospital,… Read More »

Show 63 – The Holiday Stress

Don’t let the holidays push you around. Seth and Dr. Laurie share a plan for preparing for the stress and… Read More »

Show 62 – ACR 2008:  Seth chats with doctors from North Carolina, Toronto, and New York

Seth chats with Dr. Shane Anderson of the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, physiotherapist Laura Passalent of the University… Read More »

Show 61 – ACR 2008:  Seth chats with doctors from Puerto Rico, Philadelphia and Jackson, Miss.

Seth chats with Dr. Yesenia Santiago of the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus, Dr. Vijay Singh of the… Read More »

Show 60 – ACR 2008:  Seth chats with doctors from Norway, Cleveland and Fort Worth

Seth chats with Dr. Roald Omdal from Stavanger, Norway; Dr. Nora Singer from Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland,… Read More »

Show 59 – Want A Happier Life with an Autoimmune Disease?  Support is Critical.

Seth and Dr. Laurie talk about an issue appearing all over the CJ site: the importance of group support. Special… Read More »

Show 58 – Seth visits the acupuncturist to ask, “How does it work?”

Seth chats with Dr. Richard Chin, author of “The Energy Within,” to find out how acupuncture works, and for what… Read More »

Show 57 – Life Within Reach:  An RA Education Event – Wrap-up

Seth and Dr. Laurie do a post-event wrap-up of the RA education program in Manhattan this Sunday.… Read More »
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