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After 8 years on Prednisone, CreakyJoints blogger Kristin decided to get off what she calls the OTHER Steroid with the help of her Rheumatologist in Los Angeles:

Kristin: “He could just kind of sense that the Prednisone wasn’t worthwhile for me anymore. He commented on my face. He said ‘you really have Prednisone face’ and I was like, ‘gee, thanks’ (laughs). But it was true and I was getting very annoyed with being on Prednisone day after day after day so we decided to start weaning me off of it.”

Kristin had been on 10 milligrams of Prednisone, a relatively low dose, which she says helped her deal with lesions from Lupus and ulcers on her fingers from Scleroderma:

How is Kristin doing now? Funny that you would ask, she says:

Kristin: “Before we started talking, I was treating an ulcer that is starting up on my index finger”

Which may or may not be related to going off Prednisone.

And that’s a CJ Wrap, I’m Stacey Cahn