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How do I get one of those uninsured wrist bands?
My address is:
Jim Conway
1007 Still Hollow Lane
Taylors S.C. 29687
Thank You

First I know how you feel. Just now getting over the shingles after 4 mo.of it, it is in my upper arm have not been able raise it until now. I always thought of my self as a strong person but this liked to have got the best of me.Hang in there and I will be praying for you!

Kristin I understand those feelings very well. The longer I live with these diseases I find that hitting the wall is a necessary part of adjusting and accepting so I can then move on again. So don't feel like you've failed in some way you just reached your limit of bad news. You will get on your feet again and be ready to fight the fight that is our life. Take care of yourself, pamper yourself during this time and you will get back your strength even faster.