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The Flaky Friend

I have this friend who keeps taking advantage of me and all our other friends. He blows people off, he's constantly late, you can never count on him for anything -- yet he weasels his way into commitments no one wants to make with him. How do I keep from losing my mind? -- Mad Matt

Dear Matt,I've known quite a few folks like this -- and your description sounds especially accurate.The Flaky Friend is a tough situation.  It's tough because, though you could easily push this person out of your life and be rid the nonsense ... unless your mutual friends all do the same, you can find yourself being the one ostracized.

My advice:  be cordial to this person, but not overly so.  Don't do any favors (because you know they won't be returned).  Never give a "him or me" ultimatum to your friends (if he's attending something and you want a drama-less night, simply decline the invitation).

And be firm in your insistence that he remain at arm's length (meaning don't join any road trips in which he's involved -- even as a passenger he's guaranteed to scramble up everyone's plans).

-- M

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