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The End-of-Year Rush

Projects at work keep piling up around with only one directive: get them all done before we leave for the holidays. Some days I feel so overwhelmed I have trouble breathing. How do I get through this? -- Marsha in Madison

Dear Marsha,

First off, like our friend Billy, I need you to sit down.  Breathe.  Relax.

Remind yourself that you have made it this far in your life facing down projects and deadlines -- and you're still here, fighting the good fight.

If it's meeting the deadlines at all costs that is of primary importance, figure out ways you can get assignments completed to a satisfactory level -- avoid perfection.  Get it good enough, and move on.

Need help figuring out what's satisfactory enough?  Communicate to your supervisors that you're worried about the deadlines and are proactively trying to avoid any mishaps -- get their feedback on what is good enough.

You may find that you are pushing yourself too hard ... for the benefit of no one.-- M

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