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The Best Mate

My friend Stacie is my best mate in the world, and I think I've fallen in love with her. I want to explore the possibility of dating, but fear she'll simply take the mickey out of me at the thought. What can I do? -- Dirk in Devonshire

Dear Dirk,

If you don't tell her, you'll regret it forever.  (No pressure.)  Especially if, years on down the road, you discover that she held similar feelings for you.

Sometimes folks do fall in love with their best friends (and we should all be so lucky as to have our best friend as our partner!).  That is nothing to be afraid of.

Ask her if she has a free hour coming up, sit her down ... (breathe) ... and tell her how you feel.  Be prepared that she may not feel the same way about you.  But also enjoy the release as you get these feelings off your chest.

-- M

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