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Overwhelmed by the Guilt Arthritis Brings

After working all day, when I get home, I can barely move. I know my husband -- kind and supportive as he has been with my arthritis -- gets tired of cooking or doing things for himself. But I am in so much pain, it's not worth the walk across the room to even eat. I am getting very depressed and find myself pushing him away, thinking he does not deserve this. How do you get over the guilt of what this disease does to you and your family? -- Guilty Sarah

Dear Sarah,

My sweet cherub, there is no simple solution to your dilemma -- and my heart aches that guilt has caused such hardship in your life.

To me, your letter speaks to a larger problem and, as such, I have asked Dr. Laurie to help us create a guide for moving forward.

Please read her thoughts by clicking here.-- M

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