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One Date at a Time

Dear Ms. Meniscus, Ok so my ex boyfriend and I broke up 4 years ago.I still love him but he is in another relationship and seems happy. I still haven't moved on because I'm scared to get my heart broken again so I have my guard up! I mean I have hooked up with other guys but they just used me to have drunken sex with and that hurts me. What is wrong with me? Guys don't want to date me they just want to use me and I don't want that! I need advice! Is it me? Am I trying too hard? Help please?! -The Queen

Dear Your Majesty,

What's wrong with you is how you feel about yourself. You are allowing guys to use you. Move on in small steps. If you think about him 57 times a day work on reducing that to 25 times. Go out with girlfriends and go home with them, not somebody who picks you up. Go online and make new friends, but always have first meetings in a public place. Start reading -- not trash novels or rapture books though. Read news magazines, and newspapers. Stop watching cable TV news. It is bad for your brain. Change your eating habits. Do volunteer work a few hours a week. All this will help you to create a new life for yourself -- one that doesn't include your ex, and does allow you to feel good about yourself.


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