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It Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Dear Ms. Meniscus, I recently took a job which forces me to be away from my boyfriend for several months. I work a TON, but when I'm not working, all I want to do is talk to him -- like we do when we're together. I call a lot. How do I keep from bugging him? - Blue in Buffalo Grove

Dear Blue,

Unlike with poor Ms. Soccer Chick, it seems the long-distance now exists between a functioning couple. The same is always true -- if you love each other, trust each other, and protect the best interests and feelings of each other, you can make anything work.

Why, just the other week I had a lady friend of mine -- who's husband is working overseas -- show me how she talks to him for free over the internet using "video chat." Bless me, I thought that was something only possible at Disneyland in the 1960s.

Just relax. Keep open lines of communication with your boyfriend -- checking in once a day is good. Be patient with each other.

And exercise. The increased endorphins will alleviate any sadness.


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