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Fight for his Wife

Dear Ms. Meniscus, I have been dating a Christian man who has his own Gospel Group. He told me he had been divorced about six months, separated for almost a year. After dating for almost three months, his wife (!) told me that she found out about ME, which made HER ask for a divorce. He allowed me to fall in love with him BEFORE telling me he was still MARRIED. I have never been married and am a very loving person. I am having such a hard time walking away because of course he starts saying everything I want to hear. PLEASE tell me how to gain the courage and strength to WALK AWAY. -Chipped Crystal

Dear Crystal,

Either folks are getting more hypocritical, or we're simply becoming more aware of it.

Ol' Meniscus here keeps her faith close to the heart. I've always been wary of those who shove it in the faces of others -- seems like they're overcompensating for something.

Regardless, you already stated the answer to your dilemma. For your emotional health and the stability of your world, you need to leave this lying, two-timing hypocrite, and stand on your own two feet. Do it out of love for yourself. Someone is out there who will love you truly.

And for heaven's sake, do it out of compassion for his wife -- think of the torment she's gone through, and you're contributing to that!


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