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Don't Cheat Yourself

Dear Ms. Meniscus, Hi, I am in a relationship with a man who is 20 years older than me. I love him very much and he shows me so much love and appreciation. There is nothing that I can complain about him. He is attentive and loving. Now, as I am feeling stronger for him, I begin feeling doubts. When he does not call me for a few hours, I feel he is out with someone else. He texts me sweet things but I want to call him but do not want to check up on him. Please help me. Should I be worried about anything? I feel all men cheat. Thanks. -Cindy

Dear Cindy,

Cindy, you're being self-destructive. Stop it. You can't believe you've lucked into this great relationship, you are convinced you don't deserve it, and now you're working hard at destroying it. Take a step back and have a nice cold drink of reality. When he's not with you think of what you're going to do with him when you see him. Buy him small gifts, prepare to have fun when you're together. And, most of all, before you go to sleep each night make sure you thank him for being in your life and for helping you have another wonderful day. When you wake up in the morning kiss him, smile at him and say good morning. All men do not cheat, but thinking they do is a fast way to destroy a great relationship.


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