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All Chewed Up

Dear Ms. Meniscus, I have been married for 20 years and my husband eats very loudly all the time. I have tried turning up the TV during dinner to block out the sound and I can still hear him chewing. I have turned on music and have even asked him to try and quiet his audible chewing. He does nothing to reduce his chewing noise and I'm ready to divorce him over it. What can I do? -Irritated Wife

Dear Irritated,

Providing he doesn't have false teeth from Wal-Mart, he's doing this on purpose to irritate you and it's working. The problem is not his chewing but why he's so angry. Ask him, but not while you're eating. Depending on his answer, you'll need to make a choice. If he chooses to continue eating loudly, you can't make him stop. You can control your actions, however. You can choose to eat at another time or in another room. You can also choose not to make his dinner, if you currently do. You hold the power in this relationship. Use it creatively in ways that do not reward him for his immature behavior.


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