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The Employee Benefits

Dear Ms. Meniscus, I have been driving a 40-minute, one-way commute to work for two years. Now, however, I was just offered a job at the office two blocks from my apartment. What should I do? - Al with the Pouty Car

Taking Advantage ... of Time

Dear Ms. Meniscus, My boyfriend has moved away for the summer for a job and I miss him terribly so. All I want is for him to come back. I can't stop thinking about him. - Missing Love in Connecticut

Sibling Chivalry

Dear Ms. Meniscus, My little sister is driving me crazy. She wants to follow me everywhere. But I don't want her to. What do I do? - Connor in South Carolina

Arthritis' Most Worrisome Trait: Unpredictability

You don't know from one day to the next what to expect. When something happens, you try to reason -- was I stressed? Am I having a reaction to medication? Is the disease progressing? Dr. Laurie explains that you're not alone.

Ex On A Rampage

Dear Ms. Meniscus, My new boyfriend's ex-girlfriend of three years will do anything to get him back -- even take our closest friends away. What can I do to stop her? - Amanda in Allegheny

Kissing Class

Dear Ms. Meniscus, I really like my boyfriend, but he has some problems kissing. For example, he starts with his mouth wide open and then keeps it open. What can I do to reform him? - Desperate in LA

A Crushing Problem

Dear Ms. Meniscus, I have this huge crush on a boy. How do I get him to notice me? - Kendra in Kentucky


Dear Ms. Meniscus, I am moving in with a friend from college. We became really close friends over a short period of time -- too close actually. Now that we are moving in though, I am beginning to dread it. The clinginess is more than I can handle: calls throughout the day, "What are you doing?" and "Where are you at?" The need to be around each other 24/7. Knowing that we have both moved on from each other, but still having that spirit about us, living together I'm afraid is going to be more than I can handle and I don't know what I should do about it. -Sleepless in Scranton

Trust and Marriage

Dear Ms. Meniscus, My wife of almost eight years told me the other day that she had been lying to me about her past. She was the first woman I had ever been with, and had told me I was her first as well. I have to say initially it hurt imagining that, but the real problem for me is the honesty. I am not sure that I can trust her any more. How do I know she is not lying about being faithful in our marriage? I am having a real hard time forgiving her. How can I get over this? -Agonized Amir