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I Have Arthritis. Who Would Want To Date Me?

A reader wrote in to Ms. Meniscus worried that -- because of her arthritis diagnosis -- no one would possibly want to date her. Dr. Laurie steps in to shine light on a relationship problem all-too-common for autoimmune disease patients.

The Lonely, Single Arthritic

Despite having a total hip replacement, and obvious joint deformities of the hands, I am a dance teacher and hide things very well. I never let anyone get too close and now I'm terrified of ending up alone. What do I do? -- J in Jasper

The Distant Son

My son and I used to have conversations all night long -- giggling and telling jokes, he telling me about his day, his dreams, the future. But we don't talk anymore. One day it just stopped. What can I do to bring that back? -- Mary in Maine

The Flaky Friend

I have this friend who keeps taking advantage of me and all our other friends. He blows people off, he's constantly late, you can never count on him for anything -- yet he weasels his way into commitments no one wants to make with him. How do I keep from losing my mind? -- Mad Matt

Creak Come Home!

Creak is stranded in a strange land, in a strange time.

The Water and the Birds

Some days it can seem the world is against us ... our stiff joints, the government, the annoying mini-van driver who cuts us off every chance they get ...

Stuck in a Rut

Dear Ms. Meniscus, My life is not moving forward. I'm stuck in a job I don't like. What should I do? -- Holly in Hawaii