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Steering Into The New Year

Making resolutions and stressing ourselves to keep them may not help at all. Dr. Laurie shares a new approach for entering 2009.

The Annoying Younger Brother

My younger brother is a total prat and annoying the you-know-what out of me. I've only been home from school for a day and I think I'm going to lose it. What do I do? -- Annoyed Ashley

The Know-It-All Big Brother

My older brother thinks he knows everything and every time he comes home he won't stop telling me what to do. How can I make him stop? -- Tommy in Tulsa

The Selfish Sister

My sister cannot think of anyone but herself. The whole world revolves around her needs, her moods, and her schedule. It drives me crazy, but other family members placate her. What do I do? -- John in Jefferson City

Gymin' It

A sudden burst of motivation gets Seth on the treadmill!

Happiness and the Holidays

For some, December hits and stress ensues. On the heels of a newly-published Harvard/UCSD "happiness" report, Dr. Laurie explains how discovering and focusing on what makes us happy can actually alleviate some of that tension.

The Ham, The Turkey ... The Torment

For Thanksgiving, Creak's family left the sunny environs of New Mexico for a wintry mess. He was, as you can expect, a bit miffed.

The End-of-Year Rush

Projects at work keep piling up around with only one directive: get them all done before we leave for the holidays. Some days I feel so overwhelmed I have trouble breathing. How do I get through this? -- Marsha in Madison