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CJ News & Views

Gymin' It

A sudden burst of motivation gets Seth on the treadmill!

Happiness and the Holidays

For some, December hits and stress ensues. On the heels of a newly-published Harvard/UCSD "happiness" report, Dr. Laurie explains how discovering and focusing on what makes us happy can actually alleviate some of that tension.

The Ham, The Turkey ... The Torment

For Thanksgiving, Creak's family left the sunny environs of New Mexico for a wintry mess. He was, as you can expect, a bit miffed.

The End-of-Year Rush

Projects at work keep piling up around with only one directive: get them all done before we leave for the holidays. Some days I feel so overwhelmed I have trouble breathing. How do I get through this? -- Marsha in Madison

Arthritis and the Guilt

A reader writes that she is in so much pain and is so tired, she feels wracked with guilt. Dr. Laurie explains why guilt has no place in an arthritic's life -- and how to cast it away.

Overwhelmed by the Guilt Arthritis Brings

After working all day, when I get home, I can barely move. I know my husband -- kind and supportive as he has been with my arthritis -- gets tired of cooking or doing things for himself. But I am in so much pain, it's not worth the walk across the room to even eat. I am getting very depressed and find myself pushing him away, thinking he does not deserve this. How do you get over the guilt of what this disease does to you and your family? -- Guilty Sarah

The Overbearing Family

As Christmas nears, I feel like my family is pulling me in a million directions -- presents, travel plans, you name it. I'm overextended as it is. What can I do? -- Billy in Brisbane

No Respect

In their excitement, humans talk down to our aged canine as if he were a mere pup -- docile and helpless. Creak, as you may guess, is a bit miffed.