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Hangovers Are For Rookies

And Seth is apparently a rookie -- as one too many margaritas proved this weekend.

The Undecided Student

I'm nearing the end of my freshman year in college and I still don't know what I want to do. Pressure is coming at me from all sides. I don't know what to do. -- Billy in Birmingham

The French Boyfriend

My boyfriend had to return to France, where's he from (we met while he studied here in America). I miss him terribly and can't stop thinking about him. The distance and uncertainty are hurting our relationship. I'm scared I might lose him. I feel lost most days. What should I do? -- Annoyed Adam

The Mourning Daughter

My mum passed away about a year ago. She was such a joy, always the life of the party. So much has felt empty since that time, and I oftentimes find myself lost in remembrance, in sorrow. Friends have said I need to move on, but I don't even know in which direction to point my compass. -- Callie in Cardiff

Family Poison

Creak suspects foul play in his own home.


Dr. Laurie explains how denying our reality prevents us from finding happiness.