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The New Co-Worker

I was promised that I'd be the only trainer in my club. Now another woman is being brought on board. I'm so angry I could quit. What do I do? -- Perturbed Patty

Put Me In, Coach!

Seth joins a softball team. Of senior citizens.

The Ungrateful Children

My husband and I have always believed in an allowance for our children -- we didn't want them to be distracted from school by jobs. But now that they're college students, all they want to do is spend our money like crazy. Why do they do this? -- Betty in Birmingham

The Perpetual Victim

No one in my family supports me. My husband and children will defend everyone under the sun, no matter their fault -- except for me. I give, and I give, and I give ... and get nothing in return. -- Luisa in Lexington

A Bad Day

Creak is in a state of shock.