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CJ News & Views

Seeing Light in the Dark

Kristin doesn't usually like check-up chit chat. This visit was different.

The Unexpected Divorce

My brother recently filed for divorce from his wife after 43 years of marriage. It seemed kind of sudden and came a few months after he was in a hiking accident where he fell and severely bumped his head. I am wondering if it might have affected him. Why else would he suddenly want a divorce? -- Bucko in Boise

Work Now. Sleep Later.

Seth attends a marathon of lectures at the American College of Rheumatology's annual meeting in Philly.

The Holidays

Dr. Laurie helps us prep for the emotional onslaught.

The Lazy Students

Part of my volunteer job entails supporting college students. However, these kids ignore any and all requests and delight in putting tasks off for a future date. What do I do? -- Frustrated Fred

Your Story

Dr. Laurie explains how to cope with life's changes.

Eat It, Pain

Kristin seeks happiness in life -- keeping arthritis in check.

An Earful

Creak develops a powerful itch.