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CJ News & Views

The Missed Appointments

My friend breaks our plans all the time. I've confronted her about this, but she thinks I'm making a mess out of nothing. What should I do? -- Rita in Rohnert Park

The Missing Food

My roommate keeps eating my food and it's driving me mad. What do I do? -- Lilly in Lubbock

The Thank You Card

I send gifts to my son and daughter-in-law, but get no thank you cards in return. To me, this is very rude, and saddening. What do I say? -- Sad Susan

Prom Night!

A high school senior's big day arrives.

The Abuser

A bud of mine and I became good friends in college because he helped me through a really sad time. Now, however, he blows me off frequently at the last minute, always disrespects my wishes when it comes to hanging out, and seems to have more fun with new friends he's made ... who happen to socialize on a slightly higher level than his old friends ever could. What do I do? -- Pat in Purchase