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Ethereal Cereal

Health psychologist Dr. Laurie on living large despite pain limitations


Motivating yourself to change can be tough. This article describes an energizing process to get yourself moving.

Self Compassion 2

Dr. Laurie continues the topic of self compassion by looking at forgiveness, practice and framing the conversation in your internal dialogue.

Self Compassion

Dr. Laurie motivates readers to find their self compassion to accomplish their goals.

Holiday Prep

Dr. Laurie discusses the added cultural stresses of the holidays and how to counteract them.

CJ Thanksgiving

Dr. Laurie comments on the upcoming holidays and Thanksgiving.


Dr. Laurie talks about fatigue, and invites you to share your advice in a LIVE peer mentoring call

Peer Mentoring

What does your doctor do right? Dr. Laurie wants to know.


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