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Ethereal Cereal

Health psychologist Dr. Laurie on living large despite pain limitations


Dr. Laurie offers advice on how to cut the worry out of our lives.

Post-Traumatic Growth

A diagnosis can be traumatic, shaking us to our core. How to move forward? Dr. Laurie shares.

The ABC Theory of Change

Dr. Laurie shares how to break the cycle of beating yourself up, or being resigned to your "fate."

The Power of Habit

Dr. Laurie shares just why we find it difficult to be "good" with our schedules and diets all the time.


Dr. Laurie shares that getting in sync physically with your heart can improve your mental and emotional health.

Thought Stopping

Listen to the tone of your inner monologue.


Sometimes remembering your accomplishments over faults can be difficult, but it's important to note them in order to not let the negative memories outweigh the good.

End of Year Awards

The new year is upon us; it's important to reflect on our successes from 2011.


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