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Ethereal Cereal

Health psychologist Dr. Laurie on living large despite pain limitations


Dr. Laurie explains how denying our reality prevents us from finding happiness.

Being Happy for Everyone Else

Displaying cheerfulness for those around us -- solely because they cannot handle the sadness of disease -- can cause more harm than good, Dr. Laurie writes.

Escaping the Arthritis 'Wire Cage'

Dr. Laurie explains how small, easily-manageable changes to our daily activities can help us escape feeling trapped.

Sometimes Our Light Goes Out

As a new year begins, Dr. Laurie explores what happens when we lose energy and hope -- and explains how to rediscover them.

Steering Into The New Year

Making resolutions and stressing ourselves to keep them may not help at all. Dr. Laurie shares a new approach for entering 2009.


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