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Dan's du Journal

Daniel writes about his lifelong RA to entertain, teach, and above all, help

Turn. Turn. Turn.

This is the time of year when Seasons begin to change. The leaves turn color, people start wearing jackets, and those with chronic illness can feel the effects of changing weather more than most. Dan discusses some of the different issues that people with RA suffer from when the temperature shifts, and what it feels like both physically and mentally.

Daily Roulette

This week, Dan discusses how the extreme uncertainty of being chronically ill can affect his mental state, and some of the questions that plague him on a daily basis. He also lets us in to how the disease has shaped him as an individual, and relates some of the ways that he deals with the constant flip-flopping of his disease. Anyone who has ever wanted to know how people with disease think behind closed doors, don’t miss this article.

On My Leash

Dan discusses the difficulties of going too far from home when traveling with medication

The Relationship Paradox

We all know that maintaining a relationship with a significant other is hard enough when it is between two healthy individuals. When you throw a physical handicap or chronic illness into the equation, it creates even more stress for both individuals. There are a few lessons I've learned the hard way over the years, and “love conquers all,” unfortunately, is not one of them.


Dan discusses how humans adapt and how people with chronic pain have to adapt just to live their lives from day to day

Tales From The Therapy Crypt…

Those of us who suffer from any disease that affects our body physically – be it actual deformity or simply a loss of bone mass or strength – event

Lifeus Interruptus

Dan shares some lessons he has learned while living his life with a chronic illness

Human Fly-Paper

Dan shares his experiences in the hospital and how he has to keep himself guarded from situations that most people take for granted


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