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Dan's du Journal

Daniel writes about his lifelong RA to entertain, teach, and above all, help

And The Band Played On …

Dan was determined 2012 would be his "Year of Me." However, things didn't get off to the start for which he'd hoped. His rheumatoid arthritis-related heart troubles continue.

2011 is dead, long live 2012!

In this first post of 2012, Daniel recaps all the ups and downs of 2011, and how they have affected his life. Those of you that joined him on the journey last year will recognize many of the events he talks about, and those of you new to his column will find it a great recap before he dives into 2012 full-force. This upcoming year promises to be just as interesting as the year that just ended, so stay tuned!

Holiday Tips for those with Rheumatoid Arthritis

This week, with the holiday quickly approaching no matter what you celebrate, stores are becoming more and more busy and hectic. Shopping for the holidays is always a pain, but it is even more so for those who are physically handicapped. Dan shares with us some of the tips he has learned over the years in order to help lessen the impact of hours of walking and fighting crowds.

Movie Night

This week, Daniel tells us about a recent film he saw, and how accurate the portrayal was of love with a person who is chronically ill. Dan also discusses the feelings that were brought up while watching this movie, and how much those feelings play a part in any relationship. If you are a fan of movies, or a fan of reading, or a fan of love, check this week's column out.

My Triumphant Return

Daniel returns! This week, after a month or so MIA, Dan returns with the story of his complicated shoulder surgery, and all the issues that went with it. Having Rheumatoid Arthritis always complicates matters, and this week's article should help to illustrate that fact without question. Help celebrate Daniel's return and check out this week's piece.

And let there be light... tomorrow?

This week, with the occurrence of Hurricane Irene and the resulting chaos, Daniel takes a look at what he does to prepare for any interruption in his normal routine. With no electricity, it can be especially hard for those who are ill to exist, and it is smart to be ready. Dan tell us what he does to always be prepared, and how he does it.

Changing Priorities

This week, Daniel tells us about one of his recent fears, and how it has been affecting his life. He also describes how an event he attended this past weekend has begun to change his point of view, and made that fear start to recede. It is a fear many of us have had, and many more will have some day. See how Daniel is dealing with it, and hopefully learn a thing or two yourself.

Getting back on the bike

This column, Daniel takes us through a recent discovery of his, and relates how it has affected his life in a positive way. Dan also reminds us how dangerous it can be to become stuck in our comfort zone, especially when chronically ill. The benefits of accomplishment are both physical and mental, and it pays to never forget to try.

Being Social with Rheumatoid Arthritis

This week, Dan takes a look at what being a guest with a disability can mean. When visiting with friends or acquaintances, there are many things that must be considered, and he takes us through a few. It can be tricky, but he helps to break down some of the concerns that those who are handicapped have when simply going to the beach.


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