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Dan's du Journal

Daniel writes about his lifelong RA to entertain, teach, and above all, help

Your Bucket List

This week, Daniel reflects on the tough week he's had, and how it has affected his disease. He also re-learns a lesson that we all know, but seldom heed. Check it out.

Someone who mattered

This week, Daniel tells us of the loss of someone very close to him who helped shape Dan into the man he is today, and how the loss has affected him, as you will see. Daniel tells of how this person helped him to become the writer we all know and love, and what that relationship did to help achieve this goal. Enjoy this tribute to someone who has affected you, the reader, even if you didn't know it.

The mechanics of repulsion

Dan explores why the chronically ill or disabled are met with repulsion from the rest of society.

Four Years In The Making

This week marks a momentous occasion in the life of one of our columnists. Daniel has finally completed his magnum opus, and this week, he has posted a retrospective of his time here at Cj, his quest to finish his book, and what the future may hold. He also lets all of his readers know just how much they mean to him. Gratitude abounds in this week's column.

Pick A Card, Any Card

Having had a defibrillator recently installed, Dan confronts new problems at security checkpoints.

Sexscript: A Prescription For Sex

This week, Dan tells us of his exploits dealing with one of the most infrequently-talked-about subjects of chronic illness -- sex. We all have it, and we all have issues with it (and those of us who are ill especially so). Never afraid to speak on any subject, Dan gives us a smile and a nod while he gets his point across, confirming that you are not alone when dealing with your own bedroom issues.

A Column About Nothing

This week, Daniel chronicles two weeks in his life -- the life of a patient with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Making Friends and Cultivating Lasting Relationships while living with a Chronic Illness

This week, Dan takes a look at some of the more common pitfalls when it comes to socializing while living with chronic illness. Friendships and relationships are hard enough but when you throw a devastating ailment into the mix, there is bound to be some serious chafing. Daniel tells us what to avoid, and helps to make sure you don't make the same mistakes he did.

Valentine's Day Broken Heart

This Valentine's day, our friend Dan is suffering from problems of the heart - quite literally in fact. This past week, Daniel underwent testing to discover just how much of his ticker was damaged in the most recent of his ordeals, and the results are not promising. A new hospital stay is in his future, but for today, he will have to suffer through Valentine's Day with a serious broken heart.


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